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Online casinos are in a bid to attract as many players as possible, so they are constantly making generous bonus offers. In this short guide we will point you in the right direction to take advantage of these offers.

A typical offer:
A typical casino offer would be “100% match of your first deposit”. I.e. If you put $30 into a casino, they would match this with a free $30 given you a total pot of $60. The only snag being that you can not withdraw the bonus money until you have bet it a certain number of times (wager requirements).
If the casino in this example had a wager requirement of $300 (10x the bonus amount) you could only withdraw the bonus once you had made $300 worth of bets. This sounds a lot, but it isn’t:

Getting the bonus:
By following certain rules (or tables), Blackjack can be played with odds of 50:50. I.e, over the period of several hands, you would neither win nor lose any money from your pot.
This means you can easily meet you wager requirements and then withdraw your bonus.

An example:
Example Casino has this offer: “$50 free when you deposit $75”

1. Go to the Example Casino’s web site and find out the wager requirements for this offer (probably in terms and conditions or on the list on our home page).
In this example let’s say the wager requirements are $500
2. Go to the tables section of the website, and print off/save the correct blackjack rules table.
3. Download the casino and deposit your $75. The casino will give you your bonus of $50.
Your pot should now be $125
4. Following the blackjack rules table, play 250x $2 hands of blackjack. (this is your $500 wager requirements)
5. Your total pot should be around $125 when you have finished.
6. Withdraw your money.
7. You have just made $50 in one hour.

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